Quality Systems and Reengineering

Course Content:

  • Total Quality (Total Quality Management -TQM): Quality Systems in Management and Construction Management. Quality Definition. Customers’ Requirements Satisfaction. Definition of Total Quality. Relation between Total Quality System Quality Assurance System and Quality Control System. Process Definition. Principles of Total Quality (customer satisfaction, Decision making based on Data, Structured Problem Solving, Respect for fellow man). Components of Total Quality (Quality Policy Management, Process Management, Troubleshooting). Supports Method for Total Quality (The Deming cycle – Shewhart). function of loss of Taguchi. Structured Problem Solving (DEP). Consensus Decision (Method and Benefits). Quality costs.
  • Drastic Re-engineeringv: Introduction. Project preparation. Drastic Re-engineering initiation. Process Diagnosis. Design of new Processes. Business Transformation. Process Management System and Process Progressive Improvement. Case study (Case Study).
  • Technical-Economic Management and New Business Methods.
  • ISO 9001 for Technical Services: Introduction to ISO 9001. Principles for Quality Management System. Process management and continuous improvement. Peculiarities of ISO 9001 for Technical Services.

Student Assessment:

20% Written Exams 80% Project


Prof. Emer. Demosthenes Angelides.

Faculty Instructors:

Prof. Emer. Demosthenes Angelides.
Assist. Prof. Georgios Aretoulis.

Indicative Bibliography:

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