Thesis for the Academic Year 2011-2012




1 Stelios Amarantidis

Χρονοδιάγραμμα συντήρησης εργοταξιακού εξοπλισμού σύμφωνα με το Ευρωπαϊκό Πρότυπο Συντήρησης EN 13460 με το MS Project 2010

2 Filoktimon Antoniadis

The test loads in geotechnical works

3 Evangelia Antoniou

Working competition analysis in technical organizations and recognition and qualitative analysis of relevant risk

4 Apostola Theofili

Financial analysis of building groups in the United Kingdom

5 Ioannis Apostolidis

Safety and health in designing and constructing a playground

6 Athanasios Vamvinis

Strategic development of windfarms on rockislands in the Eastern and Central Aegean Sea

7 Martha Vranaki

Development of model for forecasting of business strategy at a time of economic recession

8 Zafeirios Ginopoulos

Prevention and Flood Risk Management of Tsunami and Storm Surge at the Coastal Zone – Flood Risk Management of Storm Surge at Eftalous’ Coast

9 Ismail Oglou Aisegkioul

The construction sector in turkey. supply, demand, prospects and conditions of entry

10 Michalis Karaiordanidis

Concession projects in Greece. Problems and prospects. Case study analysis of the Central Motorway of Greece / E65

11 Christos Kelegkouris

Forecasting models of conventional figures of public projects in Greece

12 Eirini Kementsetsidou

Land and property market in kilkis from 2006 to 2012

13 Marios Kounavos

Human Error and Human Reliability Assessment Methods

14 Aspasia Koutsokosta

Supply chain management in construction projects

15 Dimitrios G. Koufos

Strategic planning… development tool for Greece

16 Marianna Kopsida

“Modeling Negotiation for PPP Projects Using Game Theory and Heuristic Methods”

17 Maria Mavri

The National Cadastre and the completion perspective in the area of Thessaloniki

18 Eleni Bakirtzi

Prediction models in program management of construction projects

19 Konstantinos Papountzas

Airport’s Macedonia runway construction management

20 Maria Stefanouli

Improvement of a Risk Based Decision-Making Methodology

21 Nikolaos Tegos

Multi-criteria comparison of alternative designs of the “Underwater Road Artery of Thessaloniki”

22 Stavros Trigonis

Motivation methods in construction companie’s staff

23 Alexia Chalkia

Evaluation of multi-project scheduling with MS Project 2010 and Primavera P6

24 Despoina Xhristoglou

Financial Analysis of Construction Industry using economic indicators