Thesis for the Academic Year 2010-2011




1 Lemonia Apostolakaki

Life cycle cost analysis of rigid pavements

2 Dafni Argyropoulou

Technical and economic management of the construction of the bearing structure of the arcade Hirsch

3 Eleni Vlassi

Environmental planning of outdoor spaces in the urban environment. The case study of coastal parks of Thessaloniki.

4 Panagiotis Germanidis

Construction Industry Framework and Financial Ratio’s Analysis of the 7th class Greek Construction Enterprises

5 Styliani Gravari

Στρατηγικός σχεδιασμός για ανάπτυξη πλωτών κατοικιών στην Ελλάδα

6 Maria Zourna

European initiative JESSICA

7 Ioanna Theodoridou

Strategic Planning of EYATh S.A.

8 Eleni Ioannidou

Διαχείριση κατασκευής μεγάλων αποθηκών Logistics


Anna Kelesidou

Valuation methodologies multi-project scheduling with resource constraints using Primavera software

10 Nikolaos Kosmidis

Analysis of the notion of leasing in Greece and construction-structural companies

11 Koutra Sesil

Evaluation of investment potential for PPPs in infrastructure development

12 Athanasia Leonti

Εύρεση της καταλληλότερης περιοχής για τη δημιουργία Χ.Υ.Τ.Α. στην περιφέρεια Θεσσαλίας

13 Nikolaos Logginidis

Changes in the real estate market of Thessaloniki during the period 2005-2011

14 Antigoni Manolaki

The impact of multitasking in delivering construction projects

15 Eleni Mavropoulou

Ανάλυση μισθολογικού κόστους του γραφείου διαχείρισης ανθρώπινου δυναμικού

16 Christina Blioumi

Risk analysis of diaphragmatics retaining structures

17 Andrew Boutsioukis

Multicriteria analysis strategies in technical project management

18 Dimitrios Nikiforou

Supply chain time scheduling on a multiple project environment

19 Symeon Pazarlidis

Assessment & Behavior of property prices

20 Ioannis Papaeuthymiou

Construction management of prefabricated bridges

21 Asterios Papaoikonomou

Water management methodology in open excavations

22 Sofia Sarri

Improvement of a Risk Based Decision-Making Methodology

23 Panayiotis Sevastidis

Analysis of financial magnitudes, regarding the operation of construction companies

24 Domna Sidiropoulou

Multicriteria analysis in decision making for the location of General Hospital: Application to Thessaloniki Prefecture using GIS

25 Michail Sofianos Risk management of frame buildings due to opening up of tunnels
26 Eulampia Stergianni

Growth of Thessaloniki 1912-2012-2062

27 Konstantinos Tsionos

Επισκόπηση διεργασιών διαχείρισης επικινδυνότητας

28 Evaggelos Chronis

Basic planning and selection principles for railways bogies – Technological advancements and market research