Thesis for the Academic Year 2009-2010




1 Aggeliki Damianou Adjustment of KPIs in performance assessment of PPPs
2 Evanthia Zagara Management of precast concrete bridge construction. Implementation of MS Project and comparison of monitoring techniques and assessing the completion time of construction
3 Spyridon Kalamatas Σταθερή επιδομή συστημάτων μετρό. Επιλογή δομικών στοιχείων. Εφαρμογή στο μετρό Αθήνας και Θεσσαλονίκης
4 Anthoula Magafini Leasing in the construction industry
5 Aggeliki Mitka Evaluation of the conditions of financing for Greek construction Companies listed on the Athens Stock Exchange
6 Alexandros Barbas Correlation between critical socio-economic factors and implementation of PPP projects
7 Ioannis Βekiaris Strategic Planning of Municipality: The case study of Municipality Kallikrateia Halkidikis
8 Alexandra Βouki Τhe image of real estate agency in Thessaloniki at 2010
9 Nektarios Oikonomou Analysis of the public factor’s structure for PPP’s implementation
10 Nikoleta Parthenopoulou Construction materials for the protection against severe climatic conditions
11 Maria Savilotidou Risk analysis of a retaining wall project
12 Georgios Saoulias Concurrent Engineering
13 Stylianos Skarvelakis Risk analysis during the transport of dangerous goods through tunnels. The Driskos tunnel case.
14 Alkisti Skiadopoulou Risk based decision making
15 Dimitris Spyrou Comparative evaluation of retaining embankments in road construction
16 Savina Stavrouli Land and settlement management with the use of indicators of urban sustainable development – case study in municipality of Evosmos
17 Maria Strataki Leadership models and their application to small and medium enterprises
18 Pavlos Tamvakis Quantification of risk with the use of automated data collection systems
19 Ioanna Tzovara Risk analysis on interaction of tunnels and constructions
20 Themistoklis Tsakalof Project scheduling of a public construction project with the use of MS-Project
21 Eleni Tsehelidou Critical Factors in the Education of Construction Project Managers
22 Anastasia Tsolaridou Existing and Programming Port Infrastructure of the Ports of Thessaloniki, N. Karvali & Alexandroupolis
23 Georgios Farmakis Design and construction methods of offshore with turbines of fixed bottom tripod type
24 Anna Fragidou Best practices in the bidding process of Public-Private-Partnership projects
25 Anastasia Fragoulidou Output and productivity of structural enterprises
26 Zoi Hatzikranioti Synthesis of the technical specifications used internationally for the construction of medium-sized marine projects in Greece