Management of Civil Engineering Projects

Course Content:

  • Approaches to time management time, application of bar charts
  • Scheduling
  • Control projects using scheduling charts, resource management project
  • Time planning under uncertainty (PERT)
  • Project cost
  • Linear programming
  • Specific subjects on project management project: linear programming
  • Specific issues on project management: simplex method
  • Optimize cost and time
  • Method MPM, prediction models for time and cost
  • WBS, complex issues in project scheduling
  • Earned value analysis

Student Assessment:

Written Exam with Multiple Choice Questions, Written Exam with Short Answer Questions, Written Exam with Extended Answer Questions, Written Exam with Problem Solving.


Assist. Prof. Georgios Aretoulis.

Faculty Instructors:

Assist. Prof. Georgios Aretoulis,
Prof. Glykeria Kalfakakou,
Assist. Prof. Zisis Mallios,
Assist. Prof. Kleopatra Petroutsatou.